J. Konrad Enterprises Ltd.

J. Konrad Enterprises Ltd. (JKE) is a construction company based in the Fraser Valley, specializing in project management and general contracting, particularly concrete tilt-up warehouses and offices.

After graduating from the University of British Columbia with a degree in civil engineering, Jake Konrad worked as an engineer for several years before he began building houses in 1971. He continued building high-quality homes until 1997, when he built his first concrete tilt-up warehouse.

Since then, JKE has been the project manager for dozens of successful concrete tilt-up warehouses, offices and commercial spaces. In 2014, Brian Konrad (M.Eng., P.Eng.) joined JKE after 10 years as a structural engineer.

JKE has accumulated diverse experience, from managing large 120,000 sq. ft. tilt-up warehouse projects and LNG refueling facilities to houses and office renovations.

Notable projects include the Peterbilt Pacific head offices, Vedder Transport offices and shops, Braber Equipment head office and warehouse, Peterbilt Abbotsford, Kal Tire Abbotsford, the Ipex Abbotsford warehouse, the Brookside offices, the Vedder LNG Refueling Station, and the Stillwood Camp and Conference Chapel.

To date, JKE has managed over $35 million-worth of projects and counting.

J. Konrad Enterprises Ltd. is a leader in the tilt-up industry, providing high-quality service to produce high-quality buildings.

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